Scripter/Ui Designer, looking for a job


Hello. I have recently gotten terminated. Please ignore this post as long as this text is here.
I am currently appealing my account deletion, regarding a chargeback that wasn’t intended and accidental. Please do not try and add me on Discord, I have locked the account due to me not being able to Dev. I am unlocking the account as soon as I get my account back.

About Myself


My name’s Isaak. I spend most of my time scripting useless stuff on Roblox, making server-sided GUIs & sometimes even script my own backdoors for fun & educational purposes.


Payment can either be done in Robux, Percentage, or in USD. Always negotiable except after the deal’s agreed on by both.

I won’t ask for payment if I didn’t full fill my part in the deal or if I’m not able to continue my work.

Things I do best

Visualizers, work with modules/GUIs, work with remotes and prevent exploiters from taking advantage of anything. (I always have server-checks for everything).

I’m also gonna start working on a bot that works with Roblox and discord at the same time.


You can contact me by adding me on Roblox, replying or adding me on discord, @ +*!#9999

(Sorry for having no examples, I’ll post them in my next thread if it’s a portfolio.)


Do you work in full game project’s? If so would you do game percentage payment?

Yes, I do take game percentage as payment aswell, let me insert it in the portfolio.

You are not accepting friend requests on discord?

His Roblox account is banned for some reason?

Im talking about discord not roblox

Yes, I did indeed get terminated over a chargeback which was not intented. I am currently trying to get it back. Hope I do end up getting my account back. Wish me luck!

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