Scripting a vehicle without the use of surface or constraints?

I’m struggling to make the vehicle seat to detect hinges attached to the body, additionally, I’m trying to avoid physics so the vehicle movement has more control. So I’m looking for another way of creating vehicles using scripts that will smoothly move the vehicle around and avoids rotation such as being flipped over. Where should I begin with this?

Uhm, so, you don’t want BodyMovers?
I don’t understand what you mean

If you want a 100% smooth way of moving then it’s going to be hovercraft, even then it’ll sometimes fall over.

If you want to detect hinges try looking for hinge constraints in the car.

function getHingesAttachedToAPart(Part)
return Part:GetChildernOfClass("HingeConstraint")

I would highly recommend BodyMovers for vehicles. I have used them and there are no issues at all.

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