Scripting Class [All Welcome!]

Hello, hello robloxians! As many of you know, scripting is the core of all video games. So, me and my friend Main Directory decided to open our coding class to teach you guys how to script in Lua! In this session, there will be a set of complete classes that teach you everything you need to know.


Beginner Class

Charge: 15 classes a session — 3$ a class.

Description: Each class 1 hour long.

Things we are covering…

Events Methods,

Basic string manipulation,

Basic math,
For Loops,

While Loops,

Repeat Loops,

basic CFraming,
basic Vector3,

Basic Camera Manipulation,

Basic Logic
common understanding of how the game engine and scripting work.

Senior Class

Charge: 15 classes a session — 5$ a class

Description: Each class 1 hour long.

Things we are covering:


Tables, Arrays,

Advanced string manipulation,

Advanced Math,
Advanced Camera Manipulation,
Advanced CFraming,
Advanced Vector3,
Advanced Camera Manipulation,
Output Solving,
Advanced Logic,
Data Storage,
Using Services

Payment: First class will be free! Half payment upfront will be needed before each class,and half payment after the class. Refund if you decide to leave in the first 10 minutes of class. 1 hour start with a timer. Time will only be longer than an hour not shorter.


You can leave a message here through dms, or you can do it on discord (KillerPool#2815). shoot me a dm if you want via twitter Here I can’t wait to talk to you guys! Join up Robloxians!

Ps: I am not sure if this is the correct genre for posting, I dont see anything else that fits more then this…


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I am curious to know how your lessons are structured and how in depth each class goes. Why should we purchase your classes?

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You’re currently charging $5-$10 per lesson, but all topics under each lesson can be found in-depth explained on youtube, along with the Developer Hub.
How are your lessons worth spending the money, rather than watching free youtube videos, articles and Developer Hub?


Yeah, I’m with @fireboltofdeath

1] I don’t see why anyone would pay for a tutorial when there is free and open source documentation that is readily accessible. (Especially in the case of Lua, which is extremely beginner friendly).

2] Are these “tutorials” just examples of how you could use the features? How do we know we are getting a deal for what we are paying for; there seems to be no examples put out. Looking at your Twitter I only see retweeted builds. Nothing scripting related.

3] Your classes documentation is hard to follow. It is not formatted well, I see repeats of the same thing / concept or missing concepts, and I feel that some of the subjects are in general not complex enough to be labeled a “Senior” class.

What is “advanced math”? Are you teaching people how to use the basic operands, or higher level math courses. And if it is for higher level math courses, then why not fit Vector3 / CFrame / "Magnitude" into that. Matrices are math related. You could fit how matrix operands work.

And why are Tables and Arrays portrayed as being two different things? Where are Dictionaries?

Why is using :GetService a senior class?

TLDR: Why would people want to pay for a service when there is plenty of information out on the subject. And the setup of all of this is hard to follow and to me makes no sense.


Having a teacher opposed to videos can be really helpful so I think that’s cool.
But I am a little concerned about the whole “Advanced” label you are putting. Because I am guessing from the other things this is more of a introduction to these things so I don’t really know if you can just call it advanced.

Could you be more specific as to what this entails?

You should really reorganise your beginner and advanced classes.

Tables/arrays should be one thing, like @EpicMetatableMoment said, and put them in the beginner section. Tweening should be a beginner thing, not an advanced one. What does “output solving” mean? Can you be more specific?

I see you’re missing OOP. What does programming mean without OOP (seriously, I love OOP). You should include OOP in the advanced class, or the advanced class won’t sound advanced at all.

Lastly, the costs are too expensive. Like @fireboltofdeath said, you could learn all this stuff on the web, for free.

Thank you for all the replies. With a class, instead of searching around and wasting your time, you can just ask questions. Remember, you don’t have to join if you don’t want to. Also I’ll fix advance class list. :slight_smile:

The thing is that there are already thousands of resources and attempted class-based environments around coding on Roblox. Without a defined structure, it is very easy to get lost. Freeform learning allows you to actually settle on something you want to learn and branch out from there as needed.

Searching does not waste time. You should always search for things as answers to your questions most definitely exist. In the case that they don’t, consider where you are: the DevForum, a place for learning and helping others with their problems - provided they’re willing to put in their effort as well to learn, establish information for their help request and see what they can do from their end first. There is a difference between remembering something and understanding it.

Unlike others I’m not commenting on your price because that’s your decision and not anyone else’s; if they don’t like it, they can ignore it. There are many instances where DIY is free. The cost is mainly paying someone else for their time to do something. I just don’t think it’s a particularly sound idea for Roblox.

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