Scripting Help - Mobile Players & PC Players

Hello all, I do apologise if this comes under the wrong category. I was thinking whether this should come under Studio Bugs but I am a bit unsure.

Anyways, I am testing out the game - I am on PC, my friend is on mobile. Show in this video, despite using the same weapon , I die but he doesn’t? Any help is appreciated

Who made that gear? It could be a problem with a modified roblox-gear, which was tampered with and reuploaded?

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Is your friend playing on a low-quality mobile device? Or like Nero said the tool may have some sort of bug

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This is from the ROBLOX Catalog - Red Hyperlaser.

I doubt he is. If there is a bug, then I will try and fix it although I have no solutions.

did you got the Hyperlaser via InsertService? if not, the Hyperlaser may have been modified and upload into the creator marketplace