Scripting Help With datastores

Can someone fix this script something error I can feel it

Is there even an error given…?

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For once, please make use of code blocks using ```. If you add those, write “Lua” next to it, start a new line, it will make it a code block. Once you are finished, just go to the line under and add the three ``` again.

local Variable = value

Other than that, I don’t see the variables CurrentStrength, CurrentAgility, CurrentHardness, and CurrentInfamy defined anywhere. Maybe you should define them before using them?

Additionally, always send the error as well. We are not magicians, so we cannot do magic and guess the error. It is important that you tell us the issue you come across.

Finally, I really recommend you use one DataStore over four different ones. It saves both time and recourses.

Hope this helped.

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im not sure but i think this could be the error
you named the variable Stats, which is a service

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