Scripting job for 40% of revenue + R$25,000

The Game

Hi, I am working on a game called Castaway, which is essentially a base-building game where you build a village after getting stranded on a desert island. It includes mechanics like hiring workers, a building system, using tools to mine/cut trees yourself and stealing materials from other players.
If you’d like to get a feel for the game, feel free: Here are some screenshots also:

The Job

The game’s UI and building is 95% done. All the animations that are needed are already complete and the graphics are also finished. This means that pretty much all that’s needed now is to script and test the game, although it is already mostly scripted. You can build off of the current scripts or script it from scratch. Here are some things that are in the game:

  • A building system where you can place down, select, rotate etc. buildings on the player’s build area. (scripted, but buggy)
  • A saving system that saves a player’s village, how many materials they had, crystals etc. (scripted, not tested)
  • Scripting the GUIs, which includes a shop where you buy weapons/tools, premium shop, tutorial etc. (scripted mostly)
  • A system that allows people to mine their own materials or cut down trees with their own tools. (scripted, not tested)


I’m looking for someone that can fully commit to this and isn’t working on another project. If you have college/work then that’s fair enough, but we need regular progress. Remember, nearly all building and UI is finished so it’s mainly just scripting that is needed to be done. Please don’t commit to this if you don’t think you’ll be able to work on it long term.

40% of the game’s revenue, and if you would like some guaranteed Robux, I can offer 25,000 once the game is in Alpha stages at least.


If you have any questions or are interested, please feel free to DM me here on the devforum or you can contact me at SimplyRemove#9631 on Discord. Thanks!


Interested! Accept me on Discord (NanoTimeGaming#6504) Thanks!

I want to wait for this to release just so I can play it. Looks really fun :wink:

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