Scripting Journey Post #2

Hey! Sorry for not posting this earlier, I was caught up in schoolwork!

In this scripting journey I created a 2 Sided&Buttoned ClickDetector Door!

Please criticize my work in the replies! Also give me some ideas! Ill be trying to learn some stuff soon!

Thanks for reading folks, have an amazing day!


I’m trying to learn how to script, thank you for inspiring me further! I might try to do something like this in the future.


You’re very welcome! I’m glad you’re learning to script just like me! I hope your journey goes well too my friend!


Can I suggest using a tween on the door as it opens:

That seems difficult for me to do at my level of scripting, Ill try that a later post though!

You will get there eventually. I recommend the Learn Roblox tutorials. Between that and the DevForum, they have taught me most of what I know about game creation on the platform. They have really cool step by step instructions on how to create a game from scratch.

Good work! Here’s a challenge: Try to make a door that uses tween service to open and close with only one script handling all of it.

Tip: Use proximity prompt and proximity prompt service :wink:

Thanks! Ill try both of those!