Scripting Portfolio [BMWLux]

About Me! :arrow_backward: :

Hi there! I am offering my services as a scripter! I have been scripting for exactly a year and I have learned a ton! You may of heard of some of my games such as my funny games, Hit People With A Bat Simulator or Climb 1,000 Stairs To Win. You also may of seen games such as Fox Simulator or Fight To The Death, and the one and only Kots. I’ve made a ton of games and finished them all. I never quit on a job too. 3 of my games have daily members with no ads at all. All my games make daily robux.

Showcase! :arrow_backward:

You can come checkout my work here!

(14) Hit People With A Bat Simulator - Roblox


(14) [STORY] Leatherway Lab - Roblox


(14) King Of The Stick [VIP SALE!] - Roblox


(14) Game Developer Tycoon (RELEASE!) - Roblox


Availability! :arrow_backward:

I am available pretty much every day for at least 1 hour! I will always inform you and communicate well about when I can (pretty much all the time) and when I can’t script (pretty much never XD).

Payment! :arrow_backward:

My payment can change but for something that takes around a day to complete about 5k. Something around a week 15k. A month 50k. A long term job such as a full year like 150k. I also take percentages if the game is pretty big.

Contact! :arrow_backward:

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, Roblox, or via Discord at:

Discord Username: BMWLux

Discord Id: #6679

Thanks for reading! I look forward to working with you! :smiley:

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(NOTE) Please stop asking for me to make you a game from nothing and I like only get 30% and you get 70% from doing 100% nothing.