Scripting Primary Part CFrame error

I’m having a problem where where even after setting the primary part of the model the script has an error. Am I doing something wrong? (Btw the script’s location can be seen at the beginning of the video)

local vf = script.Parent
local camera ="Camera", vf)
vf.CurrentCamera = camera
local popsicle = script.Parent.Popsicle


local cameraPosition =, 3, 3)
camera.CFrame =, script.Parent.Popsicle.Prime.Position)
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Is Prime not archivable by any chance?

It’s set to Archivable = true

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Can you show us the model after the error?

I pressed play, and here is the location of the model in my GUI

Edited topic post, for some reason it cut off a line of code. Fixed

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I mean the models children and the models property.

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I tested this in studio and I was able to reproduce it. Adding a brief wait(1) at the beginning of the script fixed it.

This might have something to do with the order in which objects are replicated. I wouldn’t call adding a fudgy wait at the beginning a fix yet.


I’m pretty sure the issue is that not everything is cloned by the time the script starts executing.
This should fix it.

local p = popsicle.PrimaryPart or popsicle:GetPropertyChangedSignal("PrimaryPart"):Wait()

That fixed it, thank you!
That is so weird. I wonder if it’s because the script runs before the other objects are replicated into the GUI maybe? I’m not sure. Quite weird I would say myself
Edit: Both worked, but @Halalaluyafail3 Your solution of waiting for the property changed is really smart, as it waits until it exists. Thank you all so much!

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Something like this would work better

until popsicle.PrimaryPart ~= nil

Not sure why you would constantly need to check, and if it already does exist, then its yielding for no apparent reason.