Scripting problem

If this was getting the random chosen armor

local newArmor = ArmorModule.chooseRandom():Clone()

How would i get the Armor that was chosen and put it in this variable

local Armor =

The armor is already in newArmor so just place it into Armor. Or are these in two separate scripts?? Sorry a bit confusing what you’re asking for if you could be a bit more specific. What does chooseRandom() return?

So chooseRandom() calls a module script to do this:

armormodule.chooseRandom = function()

	local randomNumber = math.random()*sum

	local counter = 0

	for rarity, weight in pairs(armormodule.rarities) do
		counter = counter + weight
		if randomNumber <= counter then

			local rarityTable = armormodule.armors[rarity]
			local chosenArmor = rarityTable[math.random(1,#rarityTable)]
			return chosenArmor

And then gets the chosen armor and uses it as “newArmor”

Okay so newArmor now has a new cloned instance of the random armor, so you could write:

local Armor = newArmor

but I feel that would be redundant if you could just use the newArmor variable at that point. Unless Armor defines a player’s data variable. But that’s how you’d move newArmor into Armor within the same script and scope.

The problem is “newArmor” is in a event and im doing this in a function above the event so the “newArmor” Comes out to be a unknown global

So just to be clear where is newArmor in terms of server/local script and where is Armor?

Ah okay so they’re not the same scope. So Armor would have to be initiatied to a valid value first of all. newArmor doesn’t exist in Armor’s scope yet. However, whenever you use newArmor such as in your client event you can set Armor = newArmor below the line.

In Armor Definition

local Armor = nil -- or the default armor for your game

In UpdateInventory.OnClientEvent…

local newArmor = ...
Armor = newArmor

like this?

Make sure to set it to Armor because variables are case-sensitive, but yes that’s the position you want to place it in.

“Armor” is not the same thing as “armor” in variable definition.

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 10.17.39 PM

Weird, what does the error say? Hover your mouse over the error.

And you do have

local Armor = nil

defined at the beginning?


Please post your code in the proper format, not screenshots.

Whenever you clone the armor, instead of setting a new variable for it, just set Armor a pointer to it.

if not IsEmpty then
    Armor = Armor:Clone()
    Armor:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(CFrame.fromOrientation(0, 45, 0))
    Armor.Parent = newTemplate.VP

should i still keep this?

local Armor = newArmor

There is no need, no you don’t have to.

so what do i set it to? nil?