Scripts doesn't work when i clone the part

Hello, I’m cloning a part to workspace and it breaks every script inside the part is there any solutions for that?

script is in ServerScriptService
My cloning code looks like this:

local rs = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local bomb = rs:WaitForChild("Bombs").Area1.Classic

local bombc = bomb:Clone()
bombc.Parent = game.Workspace

here’s the pic of part

Thank you for your time!

To help other people solve your problem, can you specify exactly what you mean by “breaks every script”? Do you mean the scripts are suddenly not working without any errors being shown in your output, or do you mean the scripts are not being replicated with the bomb? If possible, showing us the contents of the script could also help. Maybe it’s a bug, or one of your scripts has stopped the other scripts from working.

If some of the children inside the bomb are not being replicated, it’s likely because some of the cloned things have archivable set to false (or the other way around, I never use archivable so I might be wrong)

Up until what point does the 2nd script work?

2nd script: TakeDamage doesn’t work when its cloned. I touch on it with sword but still doesn’t take the damage and about MoveTo script, when i click on bomb it doesn’t fire the event.

Can you print debug the TakeDamage script? I’m no expert but I think it’s because PlayerAdded never gets called, since the character was already added before the bomb was replicated, which is why nothing seems to work except for the random health script, which likely doesn’t have a PlayerAdded event to start it off.

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