Scripts not working in studio testing but work fine in-game

Basically I have a game and all has been going well so far but for some reason some scripts fail to properly work in studio testing.

yes I committed the scripts, yes I published, yes I saved.
An example would be that in-game data loads properly. In studio loading data just flat out doesn’t work sometimes. If I run a test server with 3 players usually 1/3 or 2/3 players can load properly while the third cannot. This is not a bug as this ONLY happens in studio. This also causes other scripts to bug for some odd reason. Idk what to do. Any help is greatly appreciated. (The scripts are not disabled either)

Also theres no type of corrupt data on the testing players.


Going off of what you said about data, I’ll assume this is datastore stuff.
Datastores will not work on studio unless you give studio access to it, which should be changeable from game settings.