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Hiya! I am known as ScriptIntelligence, Scrizeebe, and scriptflux, however just call me Scriz or Script.

This DevForum topic covers my history on Roblox, as a record of what I’ve participated in for anyone to see. The profile tab allows only 1,000 characters, while DevForum topics can cover everything I need.

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Table of Contents

  • History

  • Personal Games

  • Closing

  • Edits



I have a deep history in Roblox, which started in 2012. I originally came to Roblox to build, not play games. However over time I found charm in Roblox’s multiverse and became addicted to this platform.

I’ve spent my time in many communities, forming special bonds for which people became family.


As for what I’ve done in a brief statement, it includes the following.

2012 ≻ Started on Roblox ⋅ Started building in Roblox Studio Build Mode

2013 ≻ Started in the Clans & Guilds Roblox Subforum community. ⋅ Started in the normal Roblox Studio.

2015 ≻ Started coding / scripting in Roblox Studio. ⋅ Became a High Ranking individual within a Roblox Clan. ⋅ Became the second-in-command of a Roblox Clan.

2016 ≻ Developed for a Roblox Superclan. ⋅ Became a High Ranking individual within a Roblox Superclan.

2017 ≻ Commanded a Roblox Superclan as first-in-command. ⋅ Joined the Roblox DevForums.

2019 ≻ Official member of the DevForums.

2020 ≻ Ran the largest clan news network on Discord.


My participation in groups has been a tremendous journey for me. The following are my highest known ranks in groups.

Alphian Armed Forces ⋅ Foreign Officer
Alphian Army ⋅ [X] Foreign Officer
Alpha Authority ⋅ Overlord
Alpha Insurgency ⋅ Overlord
A N O M A L Y ⋅ X | Affiliaites
Belova ⋅ Elite
BrVtal Studio ⋅ «Beta» Beta Testers
Cult of Ryzeebe ⋅ Scrizeebe
Ether Initiative ⋅ Tester
F.E.A.R. Honor Guard ⋅ [=] Trial Guard
F.E.A.R. Replica Forces ⋅ 【Automation】
F.E.A.R. Vanguard ⋅ 【Automation】
For The Record ⋅ EX | Manager
Haze Initiative ⋅ [A-2]
|| Imperial Armada || ⋅ [5] Tactician
ISKRA ⋅ Valued Listener
Order Of The Crimson Eagle ⋅ [T2P] Private Second Class
Palerium ⋅ [SPC]: Specialist
Roblox Beta Program ⋅ Beta Tester
Roblox DevForum Community ⋅ Member
=R.T.D.F.= ⋅ Veteran
ScriptBlox, Inc ⋅ Originator
Scriptism ⋅ Scriptoria’s Sire
The Alpha Resolute ⋅ Emperor [HC]
The Alphian Empire ⋅ 〔大使〕Ambassador
The C&G Council ⋅ Forumer
The Church of Hog ⋅ Condemned Knight
The Derzek Alliance ⋅ Visionare of the Alpha Authority
The Emerald Wolves ⋅ [A] Allies
The Grand Union of Frostari ⋅ [3] Scout
The First Encounter Assault Recon ⋅ [LTM] Lt. Major
The Fog ⋅ [A2] Leadership
The Living Shadows ⋅ [A]Associates
The Paultovian Empire ⋅ partners
The Peace Summit ⋅ Founders
War Clans of Roblox ⋅ community member
Venezian Community Council ⋅ Honorary
Voyager Services ⋅ Affiliate

Clan Wars

I have been through numerous wars in the Clans & Guilds community on Roblox. The following wars I have participated in.

⋅ Proponets of Liberty (PoL Clan leader) (Won) vs. The Egyptian Front
⋅ Alpha Authority & A N O M A L Y & Infernal Helix (AA Clan Leader) (Won) vs. Avarian Supremacy & Fire Mage Clan & Prosperity Seekers
⋅ ScriptIntelligence (SI) (Won) vs. Alpha Insurgency
⋅ Hundred Raids War [Part 1] ~ The Derzek Alliance (AA Clan leader) (Won) vs. =R.T.D.F.=
⋅ Alpha Insurgency (AI Clan Leader) (Won) vs. Alpha Authority
⋅ Hundred Raids War [Part 2] ~ The Derzek Alliance (AA Clan leader) (Lost) vs. =R.T.D.F.=
⋅ The Great War / RoWar V ~ The Pact of Titans (AA Clan Leader) (Lost) vs. The United Superclan Federation
⋅ The Winter Campaign / RoWar VI ~ Winter Powers (AA Clan Leader) (Won) vs. Coalition of Superclans
⋅ The First Encounter Assault Recon (Won) vs. Immortal Robloxian Federation
⋅ The First Encounter Assault Recon & RSF (Won) vs. SEA Military & Snow Core & Specter Company & The Grand Union of Frostaria & 3rd Noob Divison

Personal Games


Racing Robloxia 1
survivein a town with zombies
ScriptBlox Labs
destroy the city
Theme Park 2014
It’s the forth of July!!!
robloxia airport


adventure of your life 1
party place
life adventure


Scripting Test Facility 0.5.2
Saturn-V Rocket
Roller Coaster Ride
ScriptBlox Enterprise Collection
Hydrablox Creation Hub
Unstable and not ready
ScriptBlox’s Terminal
The Soundtrack Experience
The Space Age: War of 2155
Friend Hangout Place


Island Result


SBX | Training Facility Oga
Oga Training Center V-D
[AI] DP3 3
[AI] The Plaza III
[SBX] Spaceship Experimental Facility
[AA] Bloxxerman RCL Centre


[AA] Sunshadow Falls II
[AA] Alpha City
DP II Sector Ace
DP Sector Ace 2
Space Station Oga


[AA] Pre-Victory Mountain


The Stone Citadel
Space Station Oga Remaster


This wraps up my “About Me” DevForum topic. Thanks for reading!