Scrolling for mobile

Hello, I’m having problems creating a scrolling frame, the problem is when the mobile user tries to scroll down the scrolling frame it ends up firing mouse events that opens another frame, note I added ImageButtons to the scrolling frame, I already tried to change the properties of the buttons and of the scrolling frame as active and selectable, I want the buttons to be triggered only when the player is not really scrolling, I’m using the mouse event “MouseButton1Down”.

Use the touch events instead. Make some code that would detect if the player is on mobile or pc and then use either mouse or touch events.

Hi! thanks for replying, i’ll try and i’ll let you know how it went. :+1:

Use .Activated, detects both screen and mouse input :slight_smile:

thank me later

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Thank you very much, it worked perfectly! :grin:

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