Scrolling Frames and UIGridLayouts

Hi, I am currently trying to make an inventory system using image buttons spaced using a UIGridLayout. I’d like to make so that you can scroll through your items in the scrolling frame whilst placing them as a grid and hiding the scrollbar. So far I’ve got it to work like this but the scrolling doesn’t work due to me setting the canvas size to {0,0},{0,0}:


When I try to adjust the canvas size the grid cells get very spaced out. I’d like to keep the look from the photo whilst making it scrollable. I was thinking of making it so that the canvas size adjusts depending on the amount of cells in the grid, whilst using scale for it to look properly on all resolutions. Is there any way I can do this?

You can get the AbsoluteContentSize property from the UIGridLayout and use those values for offset parts of the UDim sizes. Just watch out in case if your using a UIScale object, the absolute value would need dividing by the scale amount or else the scale won’t apply properly.

(I know your reply is deleted, but it was still emailed to me. Guessing you figured it out, but in case people look in the future, I think you’re using scale padding when you should be using offset padding)