ScrollingFrames on SurfaceGuis not functional in a normal manner

ScrollingFrames on any SurfaceGuis appear to be offset from how the original behavior is supposed to be.

What scrollbars on a SurfaceGui look like in Studio and game servers currently:
(Clearly not functional in a normal manner)
Notice how the mouse cannot be dragged with the ScrollBar and you have to move the mouse out in a weird useless way just to get it to scroll right.

How it should appear (this is what a scrollbar looks like in a ScreenGui):

If anybody else has tested this and confrims they indeed are experiencing the same issue, reply below.


Seems very much related to this:

Can you confirm it is the same issue?

Can’t get on and see rn, but based solely on the title and description it appears to be the same issue. I did do some searching for duplicate threads but it appears I didn’t do enough, so sorry for the duplicate-thread.

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