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Hey there!

My name is ScrxedDev, I am a programmer and UI designer. I'm from the Netherlands, I enjoy playing and creating games on this platform.

About my service

I am creating application centers, which are being sold. I have 2 types of application centers.
  • Manual Approval (Works with a trello board, the ranking has to be done manually.)
  • Auto-Rank Quiz (Works with a ranking bot, no manual review.)

Known Customers

  • Salami Ranking Service || 215.000+ Users
  • Hilton Hotels || 91.000+ Users
  • Grand Luxe Hotels || 24.000+ Users

Currently, there is one template, centers are programmed & configured by me. No programming needed. (If changed need to be made feel free to DM me)

Template One


How to set the application center up

The application center is being set up by me or one of my staff members when you want to change something you can contact us to change it!


Application Center (Manual Approval) - $24.99
Application Center (Auto-Rank) - N/A
Application Center (Custom Design) - $99.99
+1 Application Job - +$4.99

*All Application Centers come with 1 Application Job

Contact & Information

For more information and how to purchase
Roblox - ScrxedDev
Discord - ScrxedDev#5848
Discord Server -
Twitter - ScrxedDev_

Thank you for reading,

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Those are really good looking centers. In my opinion you’re heavily underestimating you’re skills and asking for way too few for something lots of people would want to own for their groups.
Btw, would you be able to do custom application centers?


Mhm, DM me on Discord and Ill look what is possible.

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I mean I’m in no need of an app center (yet) but I’m asking in case someone was looking at the post and felt like you could add something more for their commission.


Added that to the price list, thank you!


I think that this would be awesome for my group,
I’ll talk it through with a few people and get back to you if I decide to make the purchase.


Should we be concerned about chat-filters with your application centre modules?
I noticed that in the second example photo, you display the word “Discord” without triggering Roblox’s censure.


I am not sure about that, all application centers come with a configuration where the user can set the question type and question. If it gets moderated Its the user’s fault, as they choose to set that question. For more information I would recommend you to DM a Roblox staff member.

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Updated the list with features, more information is added.

You are offering custom and pre-made aren’t you? :thinking:

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Correct, I have some pre-made. And also make custom ones for an extra payment.

Oh ok. thank you for clarifying

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Really nice application centers! Not only that they look awesome but the prices seem reasonable too!


Price list updated, also created a new topic about Rank Management Centers. (ScrxedDev || Rank Management Centers)

I like design. I’ll make sure to commission you when I need one. :thinking:


Added a link to our Discord server, for more information and/or support join the server!

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Price list updated, join our Discord server for more information.

New template added! Feel free to give feedback on it!


Are we being expected to cover tax within this price?

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If paid via t-shirt, yes. If paid via group funds, no.

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