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Hi my name is ScxiptedShark, Use To be known as “ScxiptedShark”. on roblox, i go by scxiptedshark now tho. i create and model 3d assets for roblox. i am also a logo designer.
But im pretty bad at them. i love creating 3d models because i can test how my imagination can go. and its fun! i have worked with plenty of people such as @MysticOrangeLeaf @Scxipted_Dev. ive been building for 3 years. started back in 2019. i have a interest and goal of doing 30 commision by the end of 2021 and make 10k robux out of it. ive also working with @APytuber who has 500 subs on Youtube. I also create dumb videos every once and a while.

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I use Blender 2.80 For 3D Models. I use studio for putting the maps together such as low poly. and small over stuff. i never use cinema 4D. Why? Because i don’t know.

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You can find some examples of my work below. and you can find a 3rd selection with some of my 3D Models.

Low Poly

3D Models.

Coming VERY Soon



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Sunday - OFF
Monday - 3:25 PM - 8:47 PM
Tuseday - 3:25 PM - 8:47 PM
Wednesday - 3:25 PM - 8:47 PM
Thursday 3:25 PM - 8:38 PM
Friday 3:25 PM - 11:20 PM
Saturday 3:25 PM - 11:30 PM

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Payments of 25% are required before i start. this is due to avoid scams.

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Ill get back to you as soon as i can:

Roblox: ScxiptedShark
DevForums: ScxiptedShark
Youtube: __Scxipted

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