This looks really clean and good! Love the terrain

That looks beautiful! nice work!!

The atmosphere of this build is absolutely incredible. There are some sports you can add more detail to though, like the pullar with the statue (I assume of Buddha). The collision between the meshed terrain and normal Roblox terrain is a bit weird, too. I would personally prefer only using Roblox terrain in this situation, but it makes the terrain unique.

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Amazing, it looks absolutely Breathtaking! Keep up the good work :+1:

The picture alone is very detailed and soft. Great work on the aesthetic as well as the detail.

This is just the definition of pogchamp itself. I never was a fan of Japanese culture and architecture, but this amazes me. I see absolutely no additions that should be put into the showcase, nice job!

The buildings, fog and the picture itself, hyped me up, whilst entering the game, it already amazes me with how it looks., amazing effort and it’s details.
Keep up the amazing work., looking forward into seeing more.