[SEA] Navy Soviet Union - Training Guide

Official training guide for [SEA] Navy Soviet Union
Keep in mind that you have to be at least HR1+ or officer cadet to host.

Look at steps below to complete training.

1. Preparing

Once you announced your session, you have to wait 10 minutes till you get trainees.
Please tell your trainees to STS and don’t move.

1.Change your team to:

HR1-HR3 {Junior Managament}
HC1-HC3 {Managament}
Trainind administration {Head of Trainings}
SHR+ {Senior Managament}
Say :team me …

  1. Wear proper unifrom.

If you are under SHR rank wear this unifrom without white things.

Other trainees will have automaticly NSU unifrom on equip.

2. Start of session

Once you got your trainees you can start session

  1. Announcments for trainees

1.1 :sm Greetings dear comrades of SEA Military. Please pay attention to incoming messages with important information for you.
1.2 :sm [Training rules] Please listen to me and my assistants. Please remain respectful and mature during the training. No exploiting and bypassing chat filters.
1.3 :sm [Information] Every single training gives you 10 exp.
1.4 :sm Please remain at lines and don’t move unitl teleported.

  1. Teleport your trainees to 1 stage.

:bring all

3. 1 stage
  1. Messages for trainees

1.1 Welcome to first stage of our training.
1.2 You have to clim to the top of the tower, when I will say go.
1.3 I will now show you how to do it.
– Show them –

  1. Working

1.1 Tell them to go.
1.2 Set countdown to 60s
1.3 Move to another stage once finished.

4. 2 stage

Messages for trainees

1.1 Now we will do 3 step obby.
1.2 The only rules is to don’t tocuh ground.


1.1 Tell them

5. 3 stage

Messages for trainees

1.1 Most important part of our training.
1.2 Now we will do fighting using glock on map behind me.
1.3 Please wait till you get respawned.


1.1 :team {3 first letters of someone username} {red or blue}
1.2 :startergear all glock
1.3 :kill all
1.4 :countdown 160
–Fight till countdown end–


Teleport your trainees to NSU sign and make wedge. Once wedge is formed make screenshot and send it to our community server…