Sea of Pirates Group Play Update!

We’re happy to announce our first big update!

Join Battle with Friends with the new Group option!

Brand New UI!

Since launch we have been carefully watching players and listening to their feedback.
One of the issues was the lack of user friendliness. So to start our update off, we decided to revamp the entire UI (well 99% of it).

Skin Color and Gender options!!

We wouldn’t want to exclude other ethnicities from our outlaws so we introduce to you 6 new color options!

Some new players didn’t like the fact that the default character was a boy, so we made it easier for new players to change their gender. Instead of having to change your hair from the inventory, now players who log in for the first time after this update will be automatically asked to select a gender and a skin color.

New Scoring System!

We’ve heard your opinions! Gold seemed too hard to get and your teammates weren’t always the best players… so to solve this issue we’ve moved on to a less team oriented scoring system.

The gold you earn now depends mostly on your own performance and it was divided into multiple new categories. This also increases the total gold you can get per round. The more you do in a game, the better the reward!

Accessories now in FPS too!

As tricky as it was to solve this, you can now see your Hooks and Bracelets in First Person view while in battle.

Bug Fixes and Smaller features

  • Cannons now share cooldown with other players
  • Background music On/Off now persists between game sessions
  • Faster loading of maps
  • Improved data security
  • Improved code framework
  • Fixed some UV map issues with character torso
  • Other small error fixes…