Searches filter on the website

If I were to search something that’s on ROBLOX’s blacklist in the catalog, it filters it. I think this is a bug because the only things that are to be filtered are things visible by other players. This can seriously impact a user’s experience on roblox and should be fixed.

Ex: image


And more…


The large amount of threads about this definitely says something. The filter shouldn’t be used in search queries, it isn’t made for searches.


It’s been discussed in length about why it exists. Read the other threads.



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I’m a victim of this filter.

There was a time period in which people couldn’t search ‘Kiansjet’ on the player search page because my username was getting filtered on it, making the only way they could get to my profile the direct link.

Plus, there are tons of accounts who’s usernames got past the filter who you may encounter in game, try to report, but fail to because they leave. Then, if you want to search their account up, there’s a chance that their username is NOW filtered because the filter is A L W A Y S L E A R N I N G.


I often find it easier to just google what I’m looking for, Just put Roblox in-front of my search and I usually find it.


This isn’t a bug - it is intentional so people don’t look up inappropriate assets (you know what I mean). It looks like a different filter because you can search up things like ‘oder’ or ‘free robux’ just fine while in-game those terms would be filtered. I do agree that there are several solutions that could semi-resolve this.

But those asset names are already filtered on upload.

Not all of them. There are models and assets that existed before the CommunitySift chat filter was implemented (i.e models uploaded and never updated prior to 2016). For example, I have a now-unused alt (formerly my long-lasting main) that has models that have some words possibly vulnerable to today’s filter.


Perhaps the filter should filter out things with bad intentions rather than every other word in a sentence?

Vague suggestions don’t help anyone. If you want a solution, you need an actual codable answer.

My username cannot be searched, so it’s difficult for others to contact me on the Roblox website. Perhaps they can modify their blacklisted words and see if something there shouldn’t belong.

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This has all been discussed before, the filter appears to a prototype self-learning AI. It’s not accurate, but any false-positives should be reported on a thread I can’t link because I don’t have access to it myself either as a New Member.
I think I have seen this before, but the reason for filtering the website search terms is due to this filter not being around since the beginning and people have created accounts in the past which would now be disallowed by the current filter. Due to this, they cannot allow the community to be searching certain terms only to be faced with a list of inappropriate content. Whether they searched for it directly or not, it’s there and Roblox may not have removed it - it does not look good if a parent sees that this content is available for their child to look up. For them to sweep through all content and review all flags that their AI would pick up would take an extremely long time.
I don’t think this behaviour will be changing any time soon due to this reason. It’s a pain, but can be sorted out not by removing it, but by helping them improve the filter.

The filter is not a blacklist.


Mine too, RuizuKun is not a swear word and it got filtered?

Nobody can say my name in Game or in Web chat.

This is ridiculous.

Luckily people can just call me “Kard” or “Klan” in game/chat, but there’s no way for them to find my profile unless they go to my group/game first. Hopefully this gets fixed in the future :slight_smile:

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You do realize people can just use google or some other search engine to find inappropriate stuff, right? Like, someone could just go to and then either type ‘roblox oders’ (example) or use the advanced search method. It’s not as direct and may take longer to find whatever he/she is looking for, but it still goes to prove that censoring the searches doesn’t help.

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But at least then it the parent/guardian of the child sees them explicitly looking for that over Google, they will not slate Roblox for showing their child the content. Personally, I hate the filtering, but I can understand why it’s used.

Yeah, but it should only filter words that people are known to look up. It censors other things that wouldn’t even matter like ‘three point’ as in a three point section on a basketball court or even words that have certain letters that just so happen to be similar to a profane word (i.e Essex but the last three letters; this word is whitelisted though because it’s a name of a place).

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