Searching For A DevTeam To Make a RPGGame

Hi There Im Building a RPG Of Star Wars And Im Searching Modelers Builders To Help In The Studio

My Studio Has A Group In Roblox And The Payment Will Be After The Game Releases

Star Killer Base Map

Im Searching Devs To Make a Big Rp Game
If You Want to Know More Of The Proyect Send Me A Message Here

Is there backup payment if the game flops?

While I would LOVE to take part in this, what exactly are you looking for? You fail to describe the following vital parts that are outlined in the template that you’re supposed to follow:

  1. Payment Plan. You say we all get paid after the game releases, but you provide no pay-table for reference. Does the scripter get 35% of profits and the builder 25%? Or do you get 95% and everyone else fights over the remaining 5%? These is vital for everyone to know when considering your offer, which is why it’s on the template.

  2. Positions Hiring. What positions are you hiring? Again, this is in the template. Do you need composers, GFX artists, and game designers, or just programmers and builders? This is so important that most developers won’t even message you without this information.

  3. What do you actually need done? You don’t even describe what you need doing in your game. What do you do? What do you need the devs to do?

You’ve failed to provide the most basic requirements for a recruitment post. Please revise your post to include the above information and try again.

Happy trails,

This could uh, lead to you getting a copyright strike…
I’d avoid making Star Wars games, even if you’ve seen them on the platform.

You don’t want to get a copyright strike. :grimacing:

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