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Hi there! I’m Fresh_Effect and I have been creating games on roblox for close to six years now. I own the group Frovo Studios and have released several successful games over the years. Our most successful game “Obby Squads” has received over 10 Million visits and was previously featured by roblox.

With the experience I have gained over the years, I intend to start working immediately on new projects as well as continue updating past games. In order to do this I need to expand our current group of developers. What we need the most right now is a GUI designer. Let me go into more detail about the job:

  1. You must be able to make professional grade GUI layouts
  2. You should be able to work from a template (for example, if I draw out a GUI, you should be able to create it graphically)
  3. All I really need from you is the images. I can construct the GUIs in studio myself once you have designed the layout.

That’s really all we’re looking for at the moment. So let’s talk payment. You will be paid per project you complete. Whenever I am in need of more GUIs I will discuss with you what I need and we will decide on a price that is fair for both of us. Payment will be sent after your work is finished and I approve of it. I can pay you through any payment method you wish.

How to apply: If you’re interested in filling this position please contact me here or through discord at Fresh Effect#7716 We’re looking forward to expanding our team and creating unforgettable roblox experiences. I hope you’ll consider this position.



It would be helpful to know a range of what you are going to give payment wise. Giving a solid number or even a range could help eliminate conflict later down the road.


@race_guy09, I believe this is something for you. :wink:


^ This would be really helpful because I’m deciding between a few projects to apply for right now!


Hi everyone. I think I found someone for the GUIs. I won’t need more help until later notice. Thanks!

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