Searching text in the script editor should return focus to the text once done

When searching in the script editor (e.g. using Ctrl+F), there is no way to refocus on the code without clicking on the text using the mouse. Pressing Escape closes the search popup, but nothing is focused (trying to navigate further by pressing Tab or Shift+Tab doesn’t work either).

This is really annoying for my workflow, I shouldn’t need to take my hands off of the keyboard when performing a simple search. It would be a noticeable quality of life improvement for me if focus was returned to the script editor after closing the search popup.

As for where focus should get returned, as I understand it there are two ways. Either focus the most recent search result location (e.g. the current line and first character of the search result) or return to where the cursor was before doing the search.

I prefer the latter as it would allow us to navigate the code (move the cursor) by searching - implementing this feature request without allowing such navigation would reduce reduce its usefulness as as I’d still need to click (or scroll through lots of code) to move the cursor (because that is typically something I want to do while searching).

One possible solution to make this more powerful would be to have keybinds for both methods - one for focusing most recent search result, the other for focusing the place where you began searching.