"Search"/Match datastore with table

Hello, I have a datastore that saves a dictionary
If the player has no data it deep copies the template

return {
	["Values"] = {
		Currency = 0,
		Banned = 0,
		BanReason = "",

I plan on adding more there but I want to be able to make new data save too
For example, I add a new value in the future it will not save. Let’s say this value is only stored in the table and not in a IntValue or anything like that
Is there a way I can search or deep copy the default data then search loaded data and match it

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense
Deepcopy template > Match each value with data > if its found change the value in the copied template to the data, if not then its the default value

Iterate over the template table’s contents, if a key/field is present that isn’t present in the player’s data then create a new item/entry in the player’s data of that key/field and assign it the respective default value.