SEC9 Security ROBLOX Staff Guidelines of Service

Staff Terms of Service

This rule book will go through what is expected of every worker.
This is a basic company etiquette.

1: Grammar. Grammar is extremely important whether it’s at a meeting or talking to an employer.

2: Punctuation. Punctuation ties the bow of Grammar and Spelling. Use this all the time, unless told not to do so.

3: Spelling: Spelling is the most important part of this handbook. If you do not know how to spell a word, Don’t use the word at all.

4: Respect. Respect HAS to be shown to all members of staff. This includes your co-workers. Do not harass, bully, vilify or verbally disrespect ANYONE.

5: Responsibility: Responsibility means that you show up to work on time or notify a higher rank if you can not make it work. Responsibility is being organized and listening to instructions, such as this handbook.

6: Personal best: If you can not complete a task fully, at least do your personal best. It doesn’t matter what John from down the hall can do, it matters what your Personal best can achieve.

7: Always listen to superiors. Your superiors will know what is best for you. Listen to them and do exactly what they have asked. If an admin is abusing, report directly to anyone who has a higher rank than the abuser.

8: No admin abuse. Abusing admin in our business is not activating banned cheats. It is about abusing your power in the workplace on other co-workers. This could include spreading rumors/firing someone, Trying to get away with disrespect or controlling the environment around you to suit your needs. If a high ranker finds out of an admin abusing, immediate firing will occur.

Approved by and signed by:

Oakpez, Chairman of Operational Procedures
Written by Chief Executive, Emperor Bigman