Second Thinking

I changed my mind but if you want to play it

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is this basically just murder mystery with pirates

I personally think it’s a horrible game.

LOL, jeez, tell him how you really feel, o.e… Rip the bandage off.

Did you say my name? I’m confused.

Ha ha ha… Very funny.

Must of been extremely high, actually agree with the first 2 posts now

You should have just kept the original post, you don’t need to edit stuff for peoples likings. If you have an opinion stand strong with it.

Adding on to this, don’t make people look stupid by editing out the original content of your post that others have already replied to.

Editing is fine, just add a [strike]strikethrough[/strike] to OP.

You know why I do it, I’ve said before in Skype. I did change my mind anyway because it got really boring quickly