Sector 27 Studios is looking for a scripter!

Who are we?
Sector 27 Studios is a development studio working on a futuristic plane and spaceship game. I am looking for a long term scripter to help with future updates. Look below to get an idea of the game and some screenshots.

What kind of work will I be expected to do?
I am currently brainstorming more playability and retention aspects, as we have functional models but not much playability.

  1. A gui for choosing which plane to use at spawn
  2. More vehicle options (I’ll build, you help script)
  3. Other quality of life things.

We have steady income going into our group and I can promise you monthly pay of at least 100 Robux. We can negotiate more later.

Previous staff
@GameDevSky and @Trulineo have done work for us in the past.

Please join our server at Discord or dm me at Ryanthemudkip#6724. Thank you!

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