Security Suggestions For My Game

Hello I am working on a Grill game (Dayron Grill) and want to up the security of my game. Last time I released it exploiters got the best of me even without exploits within the games code (as checked 10 times), this time I want to stop them before they ruin anything.

Types of exploits they did originally:

  • Adding admin to my game
  • Admin Abuse (In already existing admin)
  • Banning players
  • kicking players

BTW we used HD Admin this time I’m making my own but still I would need some advice.

What are some things I can do to up game security, stop admin abuse, and identify problems?

Could we get more details?

The best way to deal with exploiters abusing something in your game would be to check everything on the server.

but even without internal exploits how can I stop this from happening? Last time we didn’t have any exploits yet someone still did exploit.

what type of exploiting were they doing? I might be able to help if I knew what they were doing.

Just added that thanks!

So what should I do?

are there any remote events that they could fire? also, what type of security checks do you have in your admin? Also, any exploiter can add admin, but nothing could affect the server unless there are remote events they could fire to affect things on the server.

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