See distribution of server versions in live stats

If I have a game that’s doing well, I don’t want to shut all the servers down if there aren’t any critical problems. But I also would like to see how many game instances of each update timestamp exists and have the option to shut down only really old servers that are lingering.

We had the exact same issue with Deathrun. If you included a good OnClose call, then this isn’t really a problem, since it will take care of it self. We are currently researching a way to shutdown the game in-game by using lifetime or a message.

I was thinking of a way to shut down certain servers using DataStore by having each server check a datastore every minute or so, in which you can change in-game as the owner, and if the DataStore value is a certain value, the server kicks all of the players (so that their stats can be saved before the server closes) and then shuts down a few seconds later.

With the TeleportByJobId or ReservedServers from Teleport Service you can just teleport everyone into a new server