See your own declined images

As a roblox developer my images are often declined and I have to wait multiple days before I can use them. Way back in the day you used to be able to see your own images even if they were declined. I want this behavior to be reinstated because right now any time I upload an image it’s a 50% chance I’m about to be blocked for a day or more. This is very frustrating.


Last I heard, they really don’t wish to do this due to the fact that malicious users who gain access to your account could upload inappropriate images, and then the owner of the account sees them.

Not sure if there’s a decent compromise between “don’t show this” and “show this” other than a rather basic description of the deleted asset.


It’s dangerous to users who got their accounts compromised - even though they usually warn, ban or terminate if the assets are very offensive, there is still that small risk.

I’d be really, really happy if I could see the decline reason in the develop page, though.

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