Seeing through 2 parts inside one another

Hello! I am trying make glass filled with lava, But I want to be able to see through both parts, the lava and glass. The transparency of the glass is set to 0.9 but when I change the lava’s transparency to anything higher than 0.01 the lava dissapears completely. How can I change make people see through both parts???


I believe this is caused by a Roblox issue with the glass material. When looking through a glass material, translucent items behind the glass will disappear. To fix this effect, you can use a material other than glass to make your lava container and set that material’s transparency up. The “glass” won’t look as realistic, but you can see both parts.


You can’t really do anything much about it to be honest. One thing you can do though is changing the glass material to smooth plastic.

As said before, you’ll need to change the material of the glass. When glass becomes transparent, any transparent object behind it will be invisible. Try using smooth plastic, ice, or metal instead of glass.