SelectDragger causing error

Reproduction Steps

Use select dragger on any model/part. Open new template, still errors.

Expected Behavior
Selection to move along mouse position.

Actual Behavior

Full error:

 RunService:fireRenderStepEarlyFunctions unexpected error while invoking callback: Position is not a valid member of Ray  -  Studio
  Position is not a valid member of Ray  -  Edit
  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  Script 'builtin_SelectDragger.rbxm.SelectDragger.Packages.DraggerFramework.Utility.DragHelper', Line 195 - function getSurfaceMatrix  -  Studio
  Script 'builtin_SelectDragger.rbxm.SelectDragger.Packages.DraggerFramework.Utility.DragHelper', Line 363 - function getDragTarget  -  Studio
  Script 'builtin_SelectDragger.rbxm.SelectDragger.Packages.DraggerSchemaCore.FreeformDragger', Line 109 - function _updateGeometric  -  Studio
  Script 'builtin_SelectDragger.rbxm.SelectDragger.Packages.DraggerSchemaCore.FreeformDragger', Line 169 - function update  -  Studio
  Script 'builtin_SelectDragger.rbxm.SelectDragger.Packages.DraggerFramework.Implementation.DraggerStates.DraggingParts', Line 89 - function _updateFreeformSelectionDrag  -  Studio
  Script 'builtin_SelectDragger.rbxm.SelectDragger.Packages.DraggerFramework.Implementation.DraggerStates.DraggingParts', Line 61 - function processViewChanged  -  Studio
  Script 'builtin_SelectDragger.rbxm.SelectDragger.Packages.DraggerFramework.Implementation.DraggerToolModel', Line 404 - function _processViewChanged  -  Studio
  Script 'builtin_SelectDragger.rbxm.SelectDragger.Packages.DraggerFramework.DraggerTools.DraggerToolComponent', Line 172  -  Studio
  Stack End  -  Studio

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Very Rarely
Date First Experienced: 2021-11-16 10:11:00 (-05:00)

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Is this a test site build installed via non-traditional means or just a normal build?


Would be sitetest2, latest release.

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Thanks. That problem won’t be present in next week’s release.

If you want to continue to use the SiteTest2 build, you can work around the issue by disabling the CanQuery beta.