Selection tool failing to select parts?

Having an issue with a map I’m working on, or, trying to at least.

That’s really all I can provide, the raycast is just failing and I don’t know why this is happening.



i think it would be very cool if someone provided possible fixes or told me they were also having this problem

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can confirm this is also happening to me too!! it’s impossible to select anything unless i choose it in the explorer, which gets tedious if i have lots of parts.

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who other than roblox would let this slip through, lol. hopefully theyll patch it on wednesday.

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It could be that or a locked part in front of it

i really hope it gets patched!! ive got a commission due that day and this bug is hindering me from finishing it rip

That would be a great time to organize it then, so you can just select the parts in the explorer instead and later on when it’s fixed it’ll be easy to work with.

This has actually been around for quite awhile. I doubt you can expect a fix soon.

It’s an inconvenience, but unfortunately it’s most likely going to stay that way for a while.

if locked parts was the problem here, the outline when you hover on the part wouldn’t show.

In the video he couldn’t click or hover the purple part in front

already done this while i was building, searching for the individual brick i want to move is the annoying part lol

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i just started encountering it this week, what are the fixes the community has found so far since roblox doesnt know how to maintain a development engine?

its clearly not that since some of the raycasts just outright fail sometimes then work at others.

Some easy go-arounds could be to look at the part from a different angle, usually closer to it. That can be a tedious process at times, so sometimes I just use f3x.

Of course, f3x isn’t as good as the default roblox editor, but it gets the job done.

Edit: Sometimes if you spam-click it repeatedly, it works.

25 seconds in you can see it select the diamond plate

so dumb that stupid **** like this is even allowed to happen for such long periods of time without a patch.


The parts you are trying to select and the ones you are hovering over in the video that get highlighted… are these all in the same hierarchy position within explorer?

Or are they embedded deep within folders?

Also, is it this area of the map or the entire map is the same issue?

Open another game or experience of yours and see if the issue persists.

Having the same problem here. I even made a thread about it. :frowning:

This never happened until now.

none of the parts are even grouped, letalone in folders.

looking at the situation here, ive noticed that ive had a similar issue, but that seems to be more of a place file corruption when the player cant collide with the parts, i could never select the parts without collosions on the other place that got corrupted, only with selection box or explorer, whereas here its just super faulty with these specific parts.

regardless, its unacceptable from a company of robloxs scale that actually have people relying on its workflow.

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