SelectionBox plugin?

Does anyone know this plugin? Thanks in advance!


This really doesn’t explain anything to us.
You should probably explain what ‘Hovering’ means, are you talking about a tool that allows you to see a SelectionBox over items you hover over, a tool that turns a Part into a hovering part, or a tool that does some other kind of ‘Hovering’?

I think what you’re saying is the hand cursor is dragging the part to another place.
And Please explain the Title. Many Devs will be confused

Yes kind of like the block selection. Like the pink outline over the part.

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Sorry, I wasn’t thinking of that.

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It’s okay. I’m finding it right now

Why do you need a plugin for that?
If you hold Alt while mousing over Parts in Models the SelectionBox will light up.
In your Studio Settings you can change your SelectionBox Colours.

Alright, thanks for informing me. I usually have a hard time seeing the parts. I thought it might help.

You can just Go here to understand the Selection Box

Selection Box and Selection Boxes

Edit: Or just watch this