Self Check In System UI

Self Check In UI - I need feedback.

So, I am making this UI for my roblox airline. I think I may need feedback for a few fixes. But I can’t seem to spot them please help.


It would be better if you put the buttons closer to the middle of the frame rather than right.

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Which menu…? Are you talking about.

You see the buttons on the Frame that you can choose to select your language?

Move both of those buttons a bit to the left a little bit so both buttons are centered to the frame.

Alright thanks for the info, Val!


No problem! I’m glad I could help :ok_hand:t3:


make the buttons take up the entire frame, make basic boarding and unlimited services thing have like bullet points, and that would be it i guess

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  • You should look into using constraints for text and frame elements as their are many places where they do not seem to align properly or symmetrically.
  • Maybe use some different colors to and text colors
  • Add hover sounds/animations if you haven’t already

Good start though!


Looks good in concept, but please align the buttons and align the text in the buttons.

Don’t forget to scale the GUI Frames and buttons. (When you insert Roblox frames, they use offset by default, please use the scale property too, people on lower resolutions will see the GUI way differently than people on normal resolutions. If there is something that the majority of Roblox games lack today, it’s proper UI scaling on different resolutions.)

Also use this button to simulate different resolutions in studio.

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Honestly, I was doing this project at 3 am in the morning. I was very tired, so I didn’t plan on doing very well.