Self made weapon system

My first ever attempt at making a gun system from scratch

Trying to make it so you basically customize everything like aim, particles, sounds, animations, light, stats and being able to add addons to the weapon system


good but the tommy could use some work.
idk or not but dont’ tommys shoot a tiny bit slower?

I believe you, but my tommy gun dont

I would recommend adding some camera shake recoil since it is unreal that the Tommy gun has crazy muzzle jumping while the Aimpoint is still 100% no recoil.

But I like there is a bullet trace or path that shows the bullet, it is very cool

Its not configured correct and its a test model. I will configure it the right way when the whole system is done

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Yeah i agree, I had some recoil when recording but i messed up some values so it isn’t really clear to the eye as of now. Thanks for the feedback tho! :slight_smile:

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