Self, Select, Next and others

First post.
The thing I’m asking is that there are many different things that are not or do not have a specific tutorial for it on the wiki. Such things are as in the title, self, select(), and next.

I just want to know what they are and mean also about other possible operators that are not shown on the wiki.

You are probably referring to Lua’s built in functions, but they’re not called operators.

self is just a variable generated in functions defined using : syntax specifically for object oriented code.

In depth explanations of all of Lua 5.1’s built in functions can be found in the manual under section 5, and the ones exclusive to Roblox Lua probably have their own page.

Lua Manual:


Alright then, thanks. And yeah I was mixing up operators and built-in functions.

Some of the ones in the Lua manual were removed from Roblox (for example, loadfile), so you should probably use the Roblox wiki’s list as a resource, not the Lua manual.