[SELLING 2.5k-3kR$] Low poly Lobby

Hello there! Before I show you the lobby, I’m gonna tell you a little about myself. I’ve been on roblox since 2011, I started developing around 2014 testing little things in studio, and practicing everything in studio. I started 3d modeling this year and made lots of low poly projects, and today I present this low poly lobby.

The lobby


I’m selling the lobby for 2.5k-3kR$, though prices are negotiable. My preferred payment method is through group funds, or if you can pay the full price through t-shirt, that works too.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, or you can contact me on discord. [DevConspiracy#5713]

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Pleeeeease check discord for me: Insert#0865

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I have to say, your lobby feels a bit… empty. I feel like you might want to add a bit more things in it before selling.


Well, what do you think I can add? How is it empty?

Well spaces like these lack a lot. Maybe you could add possibly at least some more rocks or a few more trees.


if you add more stuff cause now its empty its prob worth 2.5K R$ good luck finding a buyer

I added more rocks and trees. Thank you for the feedback.

I think something about that spherical tree is messing up the style. I do like the main Smooth Plastic style, but consider removing that tree.