Selling a Dam! (FOR SALE)

Hello there! I’m JoeTactics, and have an unfinished dam map (to clarify the dam itself is finished, some other stuff isn’t and there’s no buildings) that I am willing to sell. The style is futuristic, but I tried to keep it simple as that’s how I like it. I’d say it’s about 75% done give or take, depending on what you’d be using it for. There are however, no scripts included, but two elevator shafts with elevators. I don’t really have a need for the dam at this point, and though it looks cool, have no motivation to keep it alive.

I’m primarily looking for USD, however don’t want a low-ball- I’m fair though. Also I’m open to negotiate in DMs.



Link to Game
If you’re interested in checking out some more of the dynamic stuff, here’s the link:

Of course if you want something specific modified, finished or built I can likely take care of that.

It’s best if you could contact me through Discord at JoeTactics#7789
Thanks :wink:

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