(SELLING) Clock For Sale!

About the builder
Hi! I’m sepro1144, a small scale builder and game designer that has high hopes to one day become a millionaire. I started building on roblox just over a year ago, and not alot of my assets have been good enough to sell. I feel that this clock might actually be the first thing I sell.

About the Build
I built this clock in just over an hour, not at all planning on using it from the start. I was planning on building it just for practice, but following completion, I showed a couple of people to it, and they said it was easily sellable. I was asked if the clock hands and pendulum are scripted, and the answer is no. I don’t script, just build.

The Clock

Price and Payment
I am selling the clock for 200 robux, price is negotiable. I am only accepting robux and through group funds. Please have a group ready upon sale. I will put the model up for sale following payment to avoid scams (I’ve been scammed out of a couple hundred robux before, so I stay safe).

Contact options
Please contact me via discord - sepro1144#6964


Very nice but I think you should reduce the price to 100-200. Seems pretty basic.


I’m sorry if I was a bit too harsh but it is the truth, no one will buy this. And yes, professional modelers could do this in a couple minutes or less. I assume you are new so that why it takes you so long for a simple model but you will get better over time.

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Coming off what others have said, this is a fairly basic model and developers on the forum are looking for higher quality assets. Personally I feel that you should try improve building before advertising this to sell on the forums, that way you can make more from your assets, the pendulum isn’t actually centred in the build and many other factors like that means that this wouldn’t sell for much. There’s always time to improve and to add more detail to make it more applicable to the forums.
Hope this helps!


Where’s our safety barrier? Surely there has to be some middle-ground for transactions

I don’t think this is even worth 200 Robux. Somebody could make this in max 5 minutes.


My personal opinion is that this asset doesn’t look like something which developers would want to purchase at the moment, but it doesn’t look bad either. I do sincerely believe that if more detail is added, this could work in certain game environments. Try adding some tick marks on the clock itself, add some more detail in general, and perhaps this could be sold for around 10-20 Robux.

Like mentioned above, I don’t see anyone purchasing this, unless it was extraordinarily perfect. Most builders would just build their own rather than spending the time to purchase one (when it would honestly be quicker to just make their own and save the Robux).

That’s very much true. It wouldn’t be ideal for a builder to purchase this asset as they could easily build it themselves but perhaps another person might if they just want to have a grandfather clock in their game. However, at the rate this post is going, it definitely seems that no one would purchase this.

You could consider creating multiple styles of clocks, or other items within a similar style to the clock you have produced to create a furniture pack. If you’re selling more stuff together, people are more likely to buy it as it saves them time.


I’ll take it if no one else has. Keep up the great work.

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Awesome! Add me on discord - sepro1144#6964

Wow! I stand corrected then @sepro1144. I’m truly lost for words.