[SELLING] Heavily Requested Scripts

About me

Hi there! I want to put some of my scripting skills to use to benefit others. Some people know me as the creator of No-Scope Sniping, Infinite Autocorrect, Default Dance Simulator, and One Shot Insanity (hoping that will validate this post). I am very easy to communicate with, and I am willing to bend the pricetag a bit if needed :slight_smile:

What I’m Selling

(R$ 15,000) Data Storage Handler
  • Automatically creates datastores and saves data to your preference
  • Lots of customization: name the folder put under player (leaderstats, values, whatever you want)
  • Works by the change of number values for easy readability and value change
  • Developed and constantly modified over years and years for perfection
  • Includes client-based data saving
  • PRICE: 15K Robux (Expensive due to extremely easy use and being my data saving script)
(R$ 2,500) Easy Obby Setup Handler
  • Allows you to have bounce, kill, and conveyor bricks all handled from both client and server
  • Some functions performed on client for better performance and visual smoothness
  • Includes particles and sounds when parts are touched (client-only to reduce lag significantly)
  • Not yet made, because I don’t know if anybody will buy it (Will make as soon as a buy request comes in)
  • PRICE: 2.5K Robux

Payment and Terms

Anything you purchase can still be purchased by others. If you don’t want anybody else to by a script you buy, the price doubles (helps filter out newer devs locking script). It will then prevent anybody else from purchasing that asset at anytime. However, I can still use it (my script, my rules lol).

I only accept Robux payments through the group pay feature, and you must have funds ready for me at the time of purchase. You pay me first, then I deliver the model securely :slight_smile: . I strive to make the purchase stress-free and will give it to you ASAP.

I also am willing to negotiate the pricetag if you can’t quite pay for it.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum by messaging me privately || @iGottic
You can also contact me at Discord || iGottic#5103

I prefer you contact me on Discord, so I can respond faster (1-2 business days)
Please reply below if you friend request me Discord

Thanks for reading, and I really do hope these scripts help! :slight_smile:


What exactly does this mean? Isn’t an obby basically a parkour game? I have zero knowledge on scripting but what are conveyor bricks?

It’s just an anchored brick with a Velocity. Here’s an example:
(from https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/articles/Making-a-Conveyor-Belt)


it is unlikely that you will find a buyer for that obby script, as there are more than enough tutorials, free models etcetera

is it like fe2 where you put a value in it and it does all the stuff for you?

Basically, it allows you to name parts to the type of brick desired, and it could be placed anywhere under workspace.
Also, because everything is handled from two scripts (client and server scripts), the game run much smoother and is much more optimized.

@minkmink While there are basic tutorials, this allows for easier development, cool effects/sounds, and some client-handled stuff for butter-smooth graphics

I’m interested in purchasing an obby system.

Contact me on Discord @PARATYPE

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I’m quite confused, I am a new Scripter so I might be missing something, but what makes this data store tactic different from any other data store tactic?

also are you only selling one of each?