[SELLING] Low-Poly Survival Game Bundle | 250R$ - 1800R$


Another project I have stopped working on, a Low-Poly survival type of game. It is my second post on DevForum and I would love to receive feedback about the post and the price. Bought assets are sold as packages and are not exclusive.

Nature Pack -=700R$=-

Weapons/Tools Pack -=1000R$=-

!!Bow and revolver dont have movable parts!!

Ores Pack -=250R$=-

Food Pack -=250R$=-

Whole Package -=1800R$=- Save up to 400 Robux !

Check all of the models here!

The purchased model will be sent after the payment

Price is not negotiable

The only payment method is via group fund

Method of payment will be discussed in DevForum Private Messages.

If you have any questions about the sale, please contact me via DevForum private messages.

Hope you like the products! :slightly_smiling_face:


are the ores and weapons scripted?

Hey, none of the assets are scripted, just models

I’m just gonna say straight up, your tools/weapons package is worth at LEAST 1,500 to 2,500 robux. I feel the price you have for it is way too low for the quality

I’m still not sure about my pricing and kindoff experimenting with it, i like keeping it like that for now. But i’ll consider it for my future posts !

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I am interested in your nature pack, I am willing to pay the full price in robux.

Sure ! Could you communicate with me via DevForum private chat ?