[SELLING] Medium-Sized guns pack

Hey all, with the release of all these fancy items of Roblox I’ve decided to put up these gun-assets for sale. I’ve originally itended to use these for my own project which was a SCP:F Facility, but I had no idea how much time this would take, so I quit on that. Anyways, not drifting off the topic we have going here, this is a medium sized asset pack consisting out of multiple custom weaponry ranging from Assault Rifles to Snipers, a real one-man army.
These are not scripted.

Each gun is animation friendly, each gun being split up in segments e.g. bolt, frame, magazine and bullets.

For the price of 10.000 robux you can be the proud owner of this true one man’s army dream collection of weaponry.
Discord: Weelem#7636

My prefered method of payment is in group funds.

Have a little sneak peek with the images below.
Number of sales: 2

Assault rifles

Submachine guns

Heavy/Light machine guns



Sniper rifles


For all further enquiries please contact me on discord, I’ll be looking forwards to making a deal with you!

Thanks for reading.


Impressive! I love the style you used with this. I can see some of those Snipers and Sub-Machine guns being used by the ISD/IA.

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Give us a price range, so people with different prices in mind won’t even disturb in your discord

The whole package would cost upwards of 7.5k robux. But everything’s negotiable.
I’ll also be able to sell in parts.

I hope this answers is sufficient enough to provide that sort of data.

That’s a really good deal! I might actually go and buy that if I had the money

7.5k?! I’d charge more pal. This is absolutely amazing, hope someone buys

I mean, my intentions are to sell it to multiple owners, just making it an exclusive deal would make the price higher.

I thought 7.5k would be fair for selling in bulk.

I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord. I’d like to make a deal with you for these models!

edit: Happily paid Weelem 10,000 robux for this gun pack.
edit2: model normals are all inverted and supplied as obj, just an FYI to potential buyers.


Just out of curiosity, how much would the assault rifles cost if I bought them separate from the pack?

4000 Robux for the ARs alone. They are what makes up a lot of the assets and quite honestly were the most tricky.

the whole pack is now available to be given as a roblox file.

After a pain staking 2/3hours of going back and forth reversing normals and re-importing.