Selling my Low-poly shop [only 50 Robux!]

About me

Hello. I am ExistingDragon and im a Roblox builder with over two years experience. I decided to sell my Low-poly shop. I made it for fun, but I really like how it turned out! Now, I want to get rid of it! Thats why I decided to sell it. Here is my portfolio if you want to know more about me! Portfolio.


Here is the build itself

I think that the shop would be good for selling game passes or developer products.
You might have seen it before on this Feedback on my first low-poly build

Here is the place link for a closer look:


I’m selling the shop for 50 Robux (via group payout) :slight_smile:


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, Discord or via Twitter at:
Discord: MasterOfPheasants#0735
Devforum: @ExistingDragon

Looking forward for potential buyers! Have a nice day! :slight_smile:
Feel free to ask any questions!


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