Seltzer Corporate Employment Opportunity

:exclamation: Our Group

:wave: Hi, there!
Hello, there! Thanks for taking interest in this Devforum post. Seltzer is a new type of soda shop or cafe that has grown progressively since April 2021. A few months ago, our establishment took a hiatus until Mach 13, 2020. We have now restart and are now looking for professional and dedicated individuals to join our Corporate & Management Workforce before we release.

:bookmark: About the Application
The application is what is known as a Placement Application meaning that your detail and grammar or experiences will benefit and place you in the rank depending on your answers. This meaning that if your application is good enough, you will be put into our Corporate Team. If your application is good but not excellent, you’ll be placed into a lower rank.

:man_pilot: Corporate Departments

Communications Department

If you wish to choose this department, allow us to explain what it does. The department manages partners, group events, etc. We’re looking for individuals that have experience in this department. If you do not get the job automatically, you will be put in as a candidate for the Corporate promotion later on.

Workforce Department

The Workforce Department manages all employee promotions and consequence. To sum it all up, the department manages employee affairs. If you don’t get the job and placed as a lower role, you will be considered a candidate for the next Corporate promotion for Workforce.

:thinking: Not Making the Corporate Job
If you don’t land the job as a Corporate member, you will most likely not land any job or you will be placed as a Management member. We’re looking for individuals that provide good amounts of grammar and detail to land any position here at Seltzer so please take note of that.

:notebook: Application Requirements

  • No previous bad history with our establishment.
  • Applicant must provide a decent amount of detail within the application. (i.e. 3+ sentences).
  • Applicant’s account must be 30+ days old.
  • You MUST have previous experiences/employments.
  • You must be in the group to apply.

:money_with_wings: Payment
Unfortunately, like most Roblox businesses/cafes, we do NOT provide a payment as this is completely voluntary. Apologies.

:question: Interested?
If you’re interested, please direct message me through Discord at dori;#0831. I can send you the link to our group information and the form there. You can also add me to message me if we don’t have mutual servers.

:spiral_notepad: Extra Notes?
Please take note that Devforum applications/interviews are not encouraged or allowed for this application!

:+1: Thanks!
Thanks so much for taking interest in our establishment. Please feel free to check it out later in the future, we have so much planned for our establishment.

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