Send httprequest without it being logged to thedevconsole?

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I’ve seen multiple people claiming that getasync and postasync can be seen in the devconsole, and I’ve as well already experienced that, because users found and spammed my endpoints.

Is there a way to send request to websites without it being logged to the devconsole?I found out about “RequestAsync”, but couldn’tfind too much information about it.

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Requests are logged to a part of the console that clients can’t see, so I’m not too sure how clients are fetching your sites. Perhaps you should think about headers or something.

In any case, no, there is no way to send HttpRequests without them being recorded in the console.

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Requests made with HttpService:RequestAsync() weren’t logged, not sure about now. Other than that there is no way to hide them from the devconsole.

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Have you got any idea how I’d use that?

You can check out roblox wiki documentation here. It has an example usage too.

It’s fairy simple though:

local hs = game:GetService"HttpService"
    Url = "",
    Method = "GET"

Thank you very much for this! I was confused by this:

That’s because you looked up the RequestAsync of HttpRbxApiService and not HttpService :slight_smile:


It is my understanding that while get and post request lines are logged, post parameters in the body are not.