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Clothing & Costumes

We make costumes, dresses, gowns, jackets with users names on it, and we make custom t-shirts!

To order please say @SeophoraTech on the group wall and the theme with the order! Put your username after you say what you want because we have no time to be checking profiles because of display names thank you.

About Group

This place is a clothing group with a homestore coming soon! Currently inactive but will be back active & running soon. Owned by SeophoraTech & FunTimeFreddyDolly and is the first group on Roblox to ever come up with an idea to host 5 different events Hosted by staff members!


Q1: How is the order supposed to look like in the group?

A1: Like this example:

Q2: How can I tell you what design I want if I don’t have any social media communication?

A2: By describing the way it looks specifically so I can try to sketch it.

Q3: How can I draw you a bow if I don’t have devforum?

A3: By telling me how you want it so I can draw it and upload it to the template

That’s it! Thanks for reading and enjoy your time in the group bye!

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