Separate keyboard shortcuts for play solo / start player

Let’s say I bound Union to “G” instead of Ctrl+Shift+G. I go into my game, select something to check its properties, and then try to throw a grenade with “G”, but my selection gets unioned as well. Or maybe I have an RPG with multiple hotbars for items, skills, etc. I used up 1-0 on one, so I use F1-F5 on a smaller one. I go to press F5 and bam the game is paused because that’s what I have Pause bound to.

Most of the shortcuts are for doing stuff in edit mode, and it’d be great if we were able to tweak our keybinds to be separate in Play Solo. Even better would be for certain Windows keybinds like Ctrl+W to not function in Play Solo so I can crouch and move forward in Play Solo without “Are you sure you want to close your place?” popping up.